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Research using PolySciTech product: AP081


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Han, Ning, Jun Xu, Liang Pang, Hyesun Hyun, Jinho Park, and Yoon Yeo. "Development of surface-variable polymeric nanoparticles for drug delivery to tumors". Molecular Pharmaceutics 2017
Product Used: AP081
Product Usage: Nanoparticle Shell


Dancy, Jimena G., Aniket S. Wadajkar, Craig S. Schneider, Joseph RH Mauban, Olga G. Goloubeva, Graeme F. Woodworth, Jeffrey A. Winkles, and Anthony J. Kim. "Non-specific binding and steric hindrance thresholds for penetration of particulate drug carriers within tumor tissue". Journal of Controlled Release -2016
Product Used: AK010, AP081
Product Usage: Nanoparticle Shell

Lee, Song Yi, Hyun-Jong Cho. "Dopamine-conjugated poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles for protein delivery to macrophages". Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (2016)
Product Used: AP081
Product Usage: Decorated Nanoparticle Shell

Sundararaj, Sharath, Paul Slusarewicz, Matt Brown, and Thomas Hedman. "Genipin crosslinker releasing sutures for improving the mechanical/repair strength of damaged connective tissue". Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials 2016
Product Used: AP081
Product Usage: Structural

Xu, Pingping, Shuai Tang, Luping Jiang, Lihua Yang, Dinglin Zhang, Shibin Feng, Tingting Zhao et al. "Nanomaterial-dependent immunoregulation of dendritic cells and its effects on biological activities of contraceptive nanovaccines". Journal of Controlled Release 2016
Product Used: AP081
Product Usage: Nanoparticle Shell


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