In real life, cells don’t grow flat...

Cancer is too complicated to test as a flat cell layer. Cells grown in 3DCellMaker achieve new heights, so your tests are more biorelevant, without the costs associated with in vivo testing.

Cells in the human body do not grow along a flat surface. Scientists have had few options for decades when it came to growing human and other mammalian derived cells in vitro other than growing them along a flat plate surface. This generates cells which have no relevant 3D structure, altered morphology, and are poorly representative of actual in vivo situation.

A Well-Rounded Solution

3DCellMaker is the solution to these problems. It is a fully synthetic, reproducible thermogelling polymer which enables cancer cells to grow into physiologically relevant 3D spheroids. This growth occurs regardless of cell culture techniques and can be done in a typical, flat well plate or dish using conventional culture media with FBS supplement in any 5% CO2, 37°C incubator.

Stem Cell and Tissue Regeneration Applications

3DCellMaker is not specific to cancer modeling. Testing at Akina has found that it can allow for 3D growth of non-cancerous cells as well. Due to its biocompatibility and degradable nature, 3DCellMaker holds promise for tissue regeneration applications as well by seeding of stem cells to create 3D tissues for repair.

Order 3DCellMaker

3DCellMaker products are optimized for either solution seeding (A3DC) or gel seeding (A3DH). These kits are available in 5 and 10 mL units.


  • 3DCellMaker A3DC Solution Seeded:
    Purified, sterile-packed (poloxamer 407)-polyurethane for mixing cells in cold media solution and warming to form a gel.
  • 3DCellMaker A3DH Gel Seeded:
    Purified, sterile-packed, stearate-modified methyl cellulose for placing cells on top of already formed gel.
Catalog NumberDescriptionPrice Buy
A3DH-5mL3DCellMaker Gel Seeded 5 mL Kit$80.00 /kit
A3DC-5mL3DCellMaker Solution Seeded 5 mL Kit$80.00 /kit
A3DH-10mL3DCellMaker Gel Seeded 10 mL Kit$150.00 /kit
A3DC-10mL3DCellMaker Solution Seeded 10 mL Kit$150.00 /kit

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