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PolySciTech scientists also have years of experience working directly with customers to develop new custom polymers and products. Contact us to request synthesis of a new product.


Köthe, Tobias, Stefan Martin, Gabriele Reich, and Gert Fricker. "Dual asymmetric centrifugation as a novel method to prepare highly concentrated dispersions of PEG-b-PCL polymersomes as drug carriers". International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2020: 119087
PolySciTech Product Used: AK128
Product Usage: Drug-Delivery

Zhang, Mengxue, Bowen Wang, Go Urabe, Gulcin Ozer, Renzhi Han, Craig Kent, and Lianwang Guo.. "Angioplasty-induced epigenomic remodeling entails BRD4 and EZH2 hierarchical regulations". bioRxiv 2020
PolySciTech Product Used: AK012
Product Usage: Thermogel

Gong, Zhe, Chenggui Wang, Licheng Ni, Liwei Ying, Jiawei Shu, Jingkai Wang, Chao Yu et al.. "An injectable recombinant human milk fat globule–epidermal growth factor 8–loaded copolymer system for spinal cord injury by reducing inflammation through NF-κB pathway and neuronal cell death". Cytotherapy (2020)
PolySciTech Product Used: AK012
Product Usage: Thermogel

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Akinalytics also offers sample analysis with rapid turnaround and competitive pricing. Our capabilities include FTIR Spectrophotometry, UV/Vis Spectrophotometry, GPC, Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Pheometric Analysis, Mechanical/Texture Analysis, Optical Analysis and more. Learn more about Sample Analysis with Akinalytics.

PolySciTech® products have formerly carried the names Polycelle, Hytrocell, Stentrix®, PolyShield and χtopore (xtopore).


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