PLGA Acid Endcap

Mn (Number Average Molecular Weight) vs. LA:GA ratio
Mn RangeLG 50:50LG 55:45LG 60:40LG 65:35LG 70:30LG 75:25LG 80:20LG 85:15LG 90:10LG 95:5
1,000-5,000 DaAP037 AP044       
5,000-10,000 DaAP081 AP068 AP258AP073   AP126
10,000-15,000 DaAP041AP197AP196AP195AP194AP165AP193AP084AP192AP120
15,000-25,000 DaAP040 AP016 AP056AP091 AP259AP105AP206
25,000-35,000 DaAP082 AP104  AP132 AP042 AP205
35,000-45,000 DaAP045AP222AP076 AP215AP061 AP021  
45,000-55,000 DaAP059AP233AP043  AP018 AP087  
55,000-65,000 DaAP154  AP220 AP230 AP232AP106 
65,000-75,000 DaAP240AP219AP155    AP234AP200 
75,000-85,000 DaAP089 AP017 AP143AP122 AP064AP217AP218
85,000-100,000 DaAP036    AP265 AP046  
100,000-200,000 Da  AP149  AP136AP216AP020AP049 
200,000-300,000 Da       AP052  

PLGA Ester Endcap

Mn (Number Average Molecular Weight) vs. LA:GA ratio
Mn RangeLG 50:50LG 60:40LG 70:30LG 75:25LG 80:20LG 85:15LG 90:10LG 95:5
5,000-10,000 DaAP062AP198   AP250  
10,000-15,000 DaAP023    AP030  
15,000-25,000 DaAP063  AP190 AP254  
25,000-35,000 DaAP022  AP252 AP031AP085 
35,000-45,000 DaAP039AP137 AP199 AP024 AP208
45,000-55,000 DaAP121AP083AP226AP201AP207  AP127
55,000-65,000 Da    AP239 AP210 
65,000-75,000 DaAP264  AP211    
75,000-85,000 Da   AP125  AP088 
85,000-100,000 Da  AP261AP202 AP101  
100,000-200,000 Da     AP075AP119 

Poly(lactic acid)

Mn (Number Average Molecular Weight) vs. endcap
Mn Rangeacid endcapdecanoyl endcapester endcap
1,000-5,000 DaAP005 AP204
5,000-10,000 Da  AP079
10,000-15,000 DaAP159 AP001
15,000-25,000 Da  AP086
25,000-35,000 DaAP157 AP002
35,000-45,000 Da  AP071
45,000-55,000 DaAP047 AP003
55,000-65,000 DaAP035  
65,000-75,000 Da  AP004
75,000-85,000 Da   
85,000-100,000 DaAP114 AP072
100,000-200,000 DaAP006  
125,000-150,000 DaAP007  
150,000-200,000 DaAP065  
300,000-400,000 DaAP050  
400,000-500,000 DaAP008  


Mn (Number Average Molecular Weight) vs. endcap
Mn Rangeacid endcapester endcap
1,000-5,000 DaAP118AP108
10,000-15,000 DaAP130AP113
25,000-35,000 DaAP203 
35,000-45,000 DaAP051 
45,000-55,000 DaAP129 
65,000-75,000 DaAP011 
75,000-85,000 DaAP257 

PLCL Acid Endcap

Mn (Number Average Molecular Weight) vs. LA:CL ratio
Mn RangeLA:CL 15:85LA:CL 25:75LA:CL 30:70LA:CL 50:50LA:CL 60:40LA:CL 70:30LA:CL 75:25LA:CL 80:20LA:CL 85:15LA:CL 90:10
1,000-5,000 Da    AP213AP212    
15,000-25,000 Da     AP178    
25,000-35,000 Da   AP189      
35,000-45,000 DaAP274 AP014 AP140AP179    
45,000-55,000 Da    AP266     
55,000-65,000 Da AP153  AP267     
65,000-75,000 Da    AP270     
75,000-85,000 Da   AP015AP141AP151 AP263AP262 
85,000-100,000 Da  AP147       
100,000-200,000 Da  AP160 AP148 AP133AP146 AP260

PLCL Ester Endcap

Mn (Number Average Molecular Weight) vs. LA:CL ratio
Mn RangeLA:CL 1:99LA:CL 5:95LA:CL 10:90LA:CL 15:85LA:CL 25:75LA:CL 30:70LA:CL 40:60LA:CL 50:50LA:CL 60:40
1,000-5,000 Da  AP169      
5,000-10,000 Da   AP176AP170    
10,000-15,000 Da   AP180AP175    
15,000-25,000 Da       AP080 
25,000-35,000 Da    AP177AP172   
35,000-45,000 DaAP033  AP174     
45,000-55,000 DaAP034AP102AP103AP269AP173AP074AP272AP067AP142
55,000-65,000 Da     AP161 AP152 
85,000-100,000 Da     AP162   
100,000-200,000 Da      AP145 AP144
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