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PolySciTech® is proud to present high quality fluorescent dyes and probes. The probes have excellent quantum yields and high brightness—to make even minute structures inside cells visible under fluorescent microscopy.

The P-series fluorescent tags attach to proteins and serve as light-emitting labels allowing the proteins to be tracked. These fluorophores bind via a vinyl sulfone functional unit to amines and thiols under slightly basic condition rendering an antibody, protein marker, or other moeity fluorescent to aid in microscope visualization.

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FPI-749 and PolyVivo intermediate AI10

cropped originals Mouse animation comparing IR/non-IR images wavelengths

This animation compares two processed images of a mouse injected with FPI-749 to produce a fluorescent subcutaneous locator in the right shoulder. The injection area was marked with indelible ink which can be seen in both the visible-light and near-infrared (IR) images. The FPI-749 appears as brightly illuminated spots in the near-IR picture. Details are available in Near-IR imaging of FPI-749 conjugated PLGA microparticles. The chart on the right shows where FPI-749's emission wavelength falls in the spectrum.

FPI-749 is available from our Flamma Fluor catalog, and the certificate of analysisPDFhas specifications. Find details on AI010 in our PolyVivo catalog and in its certificate of analysis.PDF

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Spectrum Color Key

These screen colors approximate the wavelength colors. Infrared and ultraviolet appear as black.

810 nm

800 nm

790 nm

780 nm

770 nm

760 nm

750 nm

740 nm

730 nm

720 nm

710 nm

700 nm

690 nm

680 nm

670 nm

660 nm

650 nm

640 nm

630 nm

620 nm

610 nm

600 nm

590 nm

580 nm

570 nm

560 nm

550 nm

540 nm

530 nm

520 nm

510 nm

500 nm

490 nm

480 nm

470 nm

460 nm

450 nm

440 nm

430 nm

420 nm

410 nm

400 nm

390 nm

380 nm

370 nm

360 nm

350 nm


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