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Mandal, Subhra, Shawnalyn W. Sunagawa, Pavan Kumar Prathipati, Michael Belshan, Annemarie Shibata, and Christopher J. Destache. "Targeted immuno-antiretroviral HIV therapeutic approach to provide dual protection and boosts cellular immunity: A proof-of-concept study". bioRxiv 2020
Product Used: AK107, AI111
Product Usage: Decorated Nanoparticle Shell


Bressler, Eric M., Jayoung Kim, Ron B. Shmueli, Adam C. Mirando, Hojjat Bazzazi, Esak Lee, Aleksander S. Popel, Niranjan B. Pandey, and Jordan J. Green. "Biomimetic peptide display from a polymeric nanoparticle surface for targeting and antitumor activity to human triple‐negative breast cancer cells". Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A
Product Used: AI111, AK037
Product Usage: Decorated Nanoparticle Shell

Eric M., Jordan J. Green, Niranjan B. Pandey, Aleksander S. Popel, and Ron B. SHMUELI Sr. "Peptides with anti-angiogenic, anti-lymphangiogenic, and anti-edemic properties and nanoparticle formulations". U.S. Patent Application 15/776,971, filed November 29, 2018
Product Used: AK037, AI111
Product Usage: Nanoparticle Shell


Kim, Jayoung, Eric Bressler, Ron Shmueli, Adam Mirando, Niranjan Pandey, Aleksander S. Popel, Jordan J. Green. "Biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles targeted by a novel biomimetic peptide to human breast cancer". Biomaterials.org 2017
Product Used: AI111
Product Usage: Decorated Nanoparticle Shell

Pham, Tung Thanh, Tiep Tien Nguyen, Shiva Pathak, Shobha Regmi, Hanh Thuy Nguyen, Tuan Hiep Tran, Chul Soon Yong et al.. "Tissue adhesive FK506–loaded polymeric nanoparticles for multi–layered nano–shielding of pancreatic islets to enhance xenograft survival in a diabetic mouse model". Biomaterials (2017)
Product Used: AI111
Product Usage: Nanoparticle Shell


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