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Research using PolySciTech product: AI034


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Jiang, Jianxin, Huaiwen Chen, Chao Yu, Yingying Zhang, Meiyuan Chen, She Tian, and Chengyi Sun. "The promotion of salinomycin delivery to hepatocellular carcinoma cells through EGFR and CD133 aptamers conjugation by PLGA nanoparticles". Nanomedicine 10, no. 12 (2015): 1863-1879
Product Used: AI034
Product Usage: Decorated Nanoparticle Shell

Ni, Miaozhong, Min Xiong, Xinchao Zhang, Guoping Cai, Huaiwen Chen, Qingmin Zeng, and Zuochong Yu. "Poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles conjugated with cD133 aptamers for targeted salinomycin delivery to cD133+ osteosarcoma cancer stem cells". International Journal of Nanomedicine 10 (2015): 2537
Product Used: AI034
Product Usage: Decorated Nanoparticle Shell


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