Polymer blend functionalized with OH groups

PolymBlend® is a polymer blend which has been formulated with an optimum mixture of two high molecular weight statistic copolymers to produce materials with properties difficult to achieve with conventional polymers (see the Technical Data Sheet).

Polymer B
Copolymer B
(average Mw 2,000 kDa, PDI < 1.5)

Polymer A
Copolymer A
(average Mw 200 kDa, PDI < 2.5)


PolymBlend® has been thoroughly optimised for the production of non-woven mats by electrospinning with different percentages of OH groups in their structure and excellent mechanical and physicochemical properties. You can see the excellent characteristics of PolymBlend® in the following video:

PolymBlend Electrospinning Guide

View the User Guide for Processing PolymBlend® by Electrospinning and see how easy it is in the following video:

PolymBlend Applications

View the AppNote and see the following video of the applications of PolymBlend®:

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  • PolymBlend® is a registered trademark of Nanomateriales y Polímeros S.L. Avd. InnovaciĆ³n 1, E-18016 Armilla (Granada) Spain
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  • This product is for research use only and it is not intended for use in humans or for in vitro diagnostic use.
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