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Research using PolySciTech product: AP138


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Siebert, Heather M., and Jonathan J. Wilker. "Improving the Molecular Weight and Synthesis of a Renewable Biomimetic Adhesive Polymer". European Polymer Journal (2019)
Product Used: AP138
Product Usage: Substrate

Siebert, Heather, and Jonathan J. Wilker. "Deriving Commercial Level Adhesive Performance from a Bio-Based Mussel Mimetic Polymer". ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering (2019)
Product Used: AP138
Product Usage: Substrate


Jenkins, Courtney L., Heather M. Siebert, and Jonathan J. Wilker. "Integrating Mussel Chemistry into a Bio-Based Polymer to Create Degradable Adhesives". Macromolecules 2017
Product Used: AP035, AP114, AP138
Product Usage: Reagent/Precursor


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