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Johnson, Aime K., Rebecca L. Jones, Carol J. Kraneburg, Anna M. Cochran, Alexandre M. Samoylov, James C. Wright, Cynthia Hutchinson et al.. "Phage constructs targeting gonadotropin-releasing hormone for fertility control: evaluation in cats". Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery (2019): 1098612X19875831.
Product Used: AK097
Product Usage: Thermogel

Liu, Peng, Binbin Guo, Shengfeng Wang, Jinsong Ding, and Wenhu Zhou. "A Thermo-Responsive and Self-Healing Liposome-in-Hydrogel System as an Antitubercular Drug Carrier for Localized Bone Tuberculosis Therapy". International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2019
Product Used: AK097
Product Usage: Thermogel

Osorno, Laura L., Daniel E. Maldonado, Ricky J. Whitener, Alyssa N. Brandley, Alex Yiantsos, Jamie DR Medina, and Mark E. Byrne. "Amphiphilic PLGA‐PEG‐PLGA triblock copolymer nanogels varying in gelation temperature and modulus for the extended and controlled release of hyaluronic acid". Journal of Applied Polymer Science (2019)
Product Used: AK097, AK088, AK085, AK091
Product Usage: Thermogel

Wang, Chao, Lu Zhang, Jean De La Croix Ndong, Aubryanna Hettinghouse, Guodong Sun, Changhong Chen, Chen Zhang, Ronghan Liu, and Chuan-ju Liu. "Progranulin deficiency exacerbates spinal cord injury by promoting neuroinflammation and cell apoptosis in mice". Journal of Neuroinflammation 16, no. 1 (2019): 1-12
Product Used: AK097
Product Usage: Thermogel


Sue Duran . "Anti-protozoal compounds and uses thereof". US Patent US20180326072A1
Product Used: AK012, AK024, AK036, AK088, AK097, AK100, AK109
Product Usage: Thermogel


Shi, Zhanquan, S. Kevin Li, Ponwanit Charoenputtakun, Chia-Yang Liu, Daniel Jasinski, and Peixuan Guo. "RNA nanoparticle distribution and clearance in the eye after subconjunctival injection with and without thermosensitive hydrogels". Journal of Controlled Release 2017
Product Used: AK097, AK024
Product Usage: Thermogel


Samoylov, Alexandre, Anna Cochran, Bettina Schemera, Michelle Kutzler, Caitlin Donovan, Valery Petrenko, Frank Bartol, and Tatiana Samoylova. "Humoral immune responses against gonadotropin releasing hormone elicited by immunization with phage-peptide constructs obtained via phage display". Journal of Biotechnology -2015
Product Used: AK097
Product Usage: Thermogel


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