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Liu, Peng, Binbin Guo, Shengfeng Wang, Jinsong Ding, and Wenhu Zhou. "A Thermo-Responsive and Self-Healing Liposome-in-Hydrogel System as an Antitubercular Drug Carrier for Localized Bone Tuberculosis Therapy". International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2019
Product Used: AK097
Product Usage: Thermogel


Shi, Zhanquan, S. Kevin Li, Ponwanit Charoenputtakun, Chia-Yang Liu, Daniel Jasinski, and Peixuan Guo. "RNA nanoparticle distribution and clearance in the eye after subconjunctival injection with and without thermosensitive hydrogels". Journal of Controlled Release 2017
Product Used: AK097, AK024
Product Usage: Thermogel


Samoylov, Alexandre, Anna Cochran, Bettina Schemera, Michelle Kutzler, Caitlin Donovan, Valery Petrenko, Frank Bartol, and Tatiana Samoylova. "Humoral immune responses against gonadotropin releasing hormone elicited by immunization with phage-peptide constructs obtained via phage display". Journal of Biotechnology -2015
Product Used: AK097
Product Usage: Thermogel


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