Technology for Drug Loading
& Delivery from Stents

Localized drug delivery from drug-eluting stents is known to minimize or inhibit restenosis. The type of drugs to be delivered and the duration of delivery for the maximum effect are not well established yet. Akina has developed methods for controlled delivery of various drugs from the stent surface.

Akina‚Äôs Stentrix® technology allows coating onto the stent surface of various drugs ranging from low molecular weight drugs, such as paclitaxel, to high molecular weight drugs, such as oligonucleotides and peptide drugs. The water-solubility of the drug to be delivered can also vary from hydrophobic to hydrophilic.

The Stentrix technology can be used for all types of stents having various sizes and geometries. It also allows loading of various drugs (regardless of their water-solubilities and molecular weights) using the same approach.

Key Benefits

  • The same drug coating method independent of the nature of the drug molecules
  • The ability to control the drug release kinetics
  • The same method for drug loading on to different types of stents



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