Water-degradable / Biodegradable Plastic

What is NuPlon™ Resin?

NuPlon™ resin is a proprietary curable pre-polymer, patent pending, comprised of hydroxyl and acid units which, upon heating, react with one another forming a chemically crosslinked solid by releasing a water molecule. The reaction is reversible as adding water back to the reaction mixture breaks the bonds and chemically degrades the structure down into small, non-toxic components. Typical degradation time is 2-3 months of exposure to water under moderately warm temperatures (86 °F, or 30 °C).

NuPlon™ formation and degradation
Schematic chemical reaction of formation and degradation of NuPlon™.

NuPlon™ Resin
NuPlon™ Resin 150g bottle

NuPlon™ Biodegradable Knives NuPlon™ Biodegradable Snack Plates
NuPlon™ Example Products

NuPlon™ Sheet
NuPlon™ Sheet (type M317)
185 x 185 x 2.5 mm (7 1/4 x 7 1/4 x 1/16 inch)


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AN001NuPlon Resin type M317 - Heat-curable resin for generation of thermoset polymer. FREE SAMPLE 150g bottle (Limit one)$0.00 /unit
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