Catalog Number Description Price Buy
KITO-1 (Click for Certificate of Analysis)PDF Chitosan, low molecular weight water soluble oligomer $100 /g
KITO-6 (Click for Certificate of Analysis)PDF Glycol Chitin‡ (90% acetylated) White Paper $250 /100mg
KITO-8 (Click for Certificate of Analysis)PDF Chitosan-Fluorescein Base Chitosan: 20-300 cP, 1 wt. % in 1% acetic acid (25 °C, Brookfield) $200 /g
KITO-9 (Click for Certificate of Analysis)PDF Chitosan-Fluorescein (Base Chitosan: 200-800 cP, 1 wt. % in 1% acetic acid (25 °C, Brookfield) Aldrich Cat#448877) $200 /g
KITO-10 (Click for Certificate of Analysis)PDF Iminothiolane conjugated chitosan (Base chitosan: Aldrich cat# 448869, nominal 10% w/w iminothiolane, TCEP treated) $350 /g

‡ Product distributed by Akina, Inc.

Chitosan is a linear polysaccharide composed of randomly distributed β-(1-4)-linked D-glucosamine (deacetylated unit) and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine (acetylated unit). This natural polymer derived from crabshells and shrimp can have its properties adjusted, most notably water solubility, by controlling the number and order of acetylated units and deacetyleated units.



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