Please check off your answers, and write something if you like.

  1. How did the material you received from us work out for your research?
    Extremely well
    Very well
    Moderately well
    Slightly well
    Not at all well
  2. Do you have ideas for improvements?
    Yes, how about... ?
  3. Do you have a specific polymer need for a special project you are working on?
    Yes, can you provide... ?
  4. How did you hear about us or find us?
    Searched the Internet
    Got an e-mail
    Someone told me
    Saw your handbill
    Heard at a meeting
    Bought here before and came back for more
    Don't remember
  5. Did you know we offer custom synthesis and customer requests?
    OK but can you do this: ?

You can send us e-mail at info@akinainc.com.


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