Clearance Specials

Clearance Specials

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  • † GPC compared to linear standards
  • ‡ Product distributed by Akina, Inc.
  • ♦ Item discontinued. Once the current stock is sold off this product will be unavailable
  • CAPROMAXX®, LACTOMAXX®, GLYCOMAXX®, DIOXOMAXX®, and CARBOMAXX® are registered trademarks of Bezwada Biomedical, LLC.
  • These polymers are for research use only and not for food or drug use.
  • Actual certificate of analysis may vary. The certificates shown are examples from the first batch of each polymer.
  • ~ means approximate size of block/polymer. See supplied certificate of analysis for measured Mw/Mn.
  • Terms and Conditions Apply

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Billing can also be handled via email invoicing or PayPal.
A request for special packaging may incur an additional charge. We cannot accept returns of perishable products.

PolyVivo polymers are commercially available block copolymers and other "hard to find" polymers which are available for sale. These high-quality, biocompatible, copolymers of hydrophilic poly(ethylene glycol) and poly (lactide/glycolid/caprolactone) are an excellent addition to any research. Also sold here are a variety of bio-inspired and other polymers which can also be utilized for drug delivery research.

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