Brabender Prep-Center and Temperature Control Console
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Brabender Prep-Center and Temperature Control Console

Condition: Good
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Purchased new in 2011 for $60,000. Operated single screw-extruder. Due to experimental failure of extruded prototypes machine is no longer needed, but still fully functional. Does not include single-screw extruder attachment. Manufacturer's website: www.cwbrabender.com

Brabender Prep-Center and Temperature Control Console
Overview shot, note has already been wired for appropriate voltage and phase of electrical input as well as plumbed for compressed air fixture. Machine sits on wheeled cart for transport.

Thermocouples and compressed air fittings for temperature control included.

Machine detail for temperature control console

Machine detail for prepcenter

Rear view of machine.

Side-view of machine. Note all fittings and cables shown are included.

Attached calibration and inspection records included.

Manuals and accessories (tools, spare cables, wires, fittings) included for instrument.

Manuals provided.

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