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Fast-Melting Tablets

Akina has developed a new fast-melting tablet technology called Frosta®. In the mouth, a Frosta® tablet melts in about 10 seconds for easy swallowing. The tablets have been used quite effectively for easy administration of drugs to the elderly and to children.
Cost-effective and Strong The Frosta® approach utilizes conventional wet granulation processing and tablet machines, for cost-effective production of fast-melting tablets. Frosta® tablets are strong, with friability much less than 1%, and are stable in an open air environment.
Easy to Make Conventional tablet machines are used for production of Frosta® tablets, and no other special instruments are necessary. Because production of the Frosta® fast-melting tablets is not any more expensive than making conventional tablets, the Frosta® processing technology can be used for almost any drugs and dietary supplements.
Examples of Frosta® fast-melting tablet payloads are The unique Frosta® processing allows use of drugs that are in aqueous solution. The cost of making fast-melting tablets by Frosta® technology is lower than by any other existing technologies.
Samples Available If you have any drugs or dietary supplements to load into Frosta® fast-melting tablets, please contact us at Fast-melting tablets are also called fast-dissolving, fast-disintegrating and fast-dispersing.

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Fast-dissolving tablet examples for energy, nutrition and travel. Fast Melting Toothpaste Tablet ForteCal

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2 minutes 30 seconds
of fast melting
Clip List (with video downloads)
  • Close up of initial 8 seconds of melting process (8s 1.2MB MPG)
  • Real time melting of a Frosta tablet (18s 1.2MB AVI)
  • Comparison of melting properties between a commercial product and a Frosta® tablet (22s 1.6MB AVI)
  • Melting and complete disintegration of a Frosta® tablet by gentle shaking (24s 3.3MB MPG)
  • Melting of a Frosta® tablet for easy spreading (30s 1.7MB AVI)
  • Rapid erosion of the surface of a Frosta® tablet (21s 1.5MB AVI)
  • Rapid erosion of the surface of two Frosta® tablets (27s 2.1MB AVI)

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