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Equipment & Capabilities

Equipment and Capabilities for Rent

Akina, Inc. has a wide variety of equipment and capabilities available both for contracted research as well as available for lease. Listed below is equipment broken down by laboratory usage. This is not an all inclusive list and contact a representative to discuss your project or equipment rental needs.

Biology Lab

Akina, Inc,. can perform basic biological testing (e.g. USP #61 bacterial count) and other tests on a routine basis and other testing as well as sample preparation can be performed as needed. Akina, Inc., has a fully functional biological laboratory equipped with an U.V. Sterilizing Laminar Flow Hood (Labconco, Purifier class II biosafety Cabinet), a Yamato steam sterilizing Autoclave, an ethylene oxide sterilizer (Alfa Medical Z-AX-60-N Sterilizer), an Orbital Shaking Incubator (Model SHKE4450, Barnstead), and a temperature controlled incubator.

Chemistry Lab

Akina, Inc,. has a fully functional chemistry lab equipped with analytical balances, vacuum pumps, pH meter (Fisher, AB-15), bath sonicator (Branson, 5510), chemical fume hood, orbital shaking Incubator (Model SHKE4450, Barnstead), and a U.V. Vis Spectrophotometer (Shimadzu, UV-2401PC). In addition, this lab is fully stocked with most common chemical reagents. This lab can be utilized to perform chemical analysis and for sample preparation.

Analysis Lab

Akina, Inc., has a fully functional analysis lab equipped with an FTIR (Thermo Mattson, Satellite FTIR, Model 960M0017), fluorometer (Turner Quantech, Model FM109515), turbidimeter (HF Scientific Inc., Micro 100, Model MICRO), rheometer and mechanical tester (Texture Technologies Corp., Texture Analyzer, Model TA-XT plus). In addition to chemical analysis, this lab can be utilized to characterize and define polymer samples.

Polymer Processing and Synthesis

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Laboratories for polymer processing and polymer synthesis are available from our Polyscitech division here.
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